11 février 2017

With Love ...

With Love

Happy Saint Valentine's Day in advance !!!

Pattern available HERE


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23 janvier 2017

Joseph and Helen ...

If you have nothing nice to say ...then say nothing at all."

Joseph Black Sanders

(My dear friend Montine asked me to create a piece using this sentence

frequently used by her dear father ... so true !!! 


Pattern available HERE


This pillow is dedicated to Montine's mother ... Helen  


Pattern available HERE


Here is another pillow dedicated to both Helen and Joseph


and a pouch to celebrate their wedding anniversary


Thanks for visiting !!!! Have a great day !!! 

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16 janvier 2017

"With my needle ...

I sew our names to give my mother her honor due".

I created this pattern for an adorable customer (Montine)

who wanted to pay tribute to her dear Mom.


Pattern available (I will personalize the names ONLY, thanks)



SOLD, thank you


 The inside of the "big"pouch / sewing book


A small project with Montine's favorite motif ... a rabbit !!!

and initials ...


 The inside of the small pouch / sewing book

as well as the tiny pillow with a sweet flower


I enjoyed a lot creating this set for this adorable lady ...

Thanks for visiting my friends !!!