24 avril 2017

Lil' Sunbonnet girl Pouches ...

IF YOU WANT TO BUY ONE OR SEVERAL PATTERNS   OR FINISHED GOODIES  READ PLEASE !  It is simple !  1 /  MAIL ME at nmelot@orange.fr  2 / Give me the LIST of the patterns or items you would love to buy  PLEASE COPY and PASTE the link tof the patterns /items, that will be better 3 / I will send you a Paypal request 4 / I will send you the patterns / items once the payment is received !!!  ********** Edit 25th April: The set is SOLD, thank you ******* Pouch with Lil' Sunbonnet... [Lire la suite]
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10 avril 2017

Romantic pouch and lil' angels ...

EDIT April 11th 2017: SOLD, THANK YOU ... ******* FRONT SIDE OF POUCH BACK SIDE OF POUCH INSIDE OF THE POUCH NB: The blue angel (chart from the magazine De Fil en Aiguilles) The rose angel (chart from the book ANGES available HERE) Back of Pouch (chart from Petits Rouges d'Ici et d'Ailleurs by M. Brunet and F. Ritz) Thanks for Visiting !!!
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16 janvier 2017

"With my needle ...

I sew our names to give my mother her honor due". I created this pattern for an adorable customer (Montine) who wanted to pay tribute to her dear Mom. ****** Pattern available (I will personalize the names ONLY, thanks) HERE ******* SOLD, thank you  The inside of the "big"pouch / sewing book A small project with Montine's favorite motif ... a rabbit !!! and initials ...  The inside of the small pouch / sewing book as well as the tiny pillow with a sweet flower I enjoyed a lot creating this... [Lire la suite]