15 octobre 2012

Cast your spells ...

This sweet little Pillow is just perfect for Halloween.(Pattern by Stacy Nash) I stitched it on 32ct raw linen  It measures L 15cm x h 19cm  Sorry, I'm SOLD Click on my E-mail button to contact me.    ****** Thanks for visiting folks ! Have a great day !!! ******
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01 octobre 2012

Cherished Memories

This new pattern   is dedicated to my beloved parents ... A lovely pouch to store all our cherished treasures and memories *** For more pics click on the link below http://theblueattic.canalblog.com/ *** and you can purchase it HERE Enjoy and have fun stitching !!! Thanks for visiting ! Have a great day ...
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01 septembre 2012

Ready for a new school year ...

I must confess I was bad at Maths but I was good at counting  because my father taught me mental arithmetics !!! Here is a sweet pattern by FALLING STAR PRIMITIVES (I love their patterns)  ***** SOLD, thanks Have a great WE ! Thanks for stopping by
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13 août 2012

Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder wedding anniversary

Click  HERE to see my new post ... and new pattern Thanks for visiting and Have a great day !
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02 août 2012

Hope is the thing with wings that perches in your soul ...

This beautiful poem was written by Emily Dickinson Pattern by Shelley Auen Sorry, I am sold. ***** You can find my e-patterns on my ETSY Shop HERE and also a collection of completed pillows. Thanks for visiting
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22 juillet 2012

Halloween in July ...

and the opportunity to collaborate with my dearest friend Elena ... So folks, ready to follow us ??? **** FIRST STOP Visit me at the following address  if you want more details and GORGEOUS PICS  !!!   http://theblueattic.canalblog.com/ All my patterns can be seen on The Blue Attic and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me !!! Thanks for visiting ! Have a GREAT Sunday
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18 juillet 2012

A SPECIAL OFFER ON MY ETSY SHOP to celebrate my 1st year on ETSY

This Special offer will end on July 31st 2012 ***** SPECIAL OFFER ON ETSY ... HERE Doll + Ditty Bag, SOLD. Have a great day !
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10 juillet 2012

Colonial pocket ... and prim hearts

in early browns ...Marcus Brother Fabrics Sorry, I'm SOLD ! THANKS ! The lovely card was created by Elena  CLICK CLICK TO ENLARGE !!!      ***** Enjoy Stitching !!!
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02 juillet 2012

Tyme ...

I just felt like showing you a little creation, using scraps of linen and paying tribute to my dearest friend Elena who created both this lovely cupcake and postcard !!! Thanks Elena ...  ****** Have fun stitching !!!
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25 juin 2012


Well, it's been a few weeks now that I have been thinking of a new blog dedicated to The Blue Attic. As you may know, I have been designing cross stitched patterns since March 2012 and I now want to be known as a designer which is a very difficult challenge !!!! Of course, Poppy M Les Ptits Pois won't disappear because I love stitching famous designers' patterns and paying tribute to all of them. So, you will have 2 blogs to visit instead of a single one !!! LOL !!! Isn't it wonderful ??? So, here is my new address: ... [Lire la suite]
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