22 mars 2013

Grace Pearl Sampler ...

Hi folks, do you remember ... one year ago, I started my new "career" as a designer under the name THE BLUE ATTIC and the theme I had decided to develop was (and STILL IS !!!)  Laura INGALLS ... Since then, I have designed more than 30 patterns and some of them are dedicated to the INGALLS family. To celebrate THE BLUE ATTIC first birthday, I have created this sweet and simple sampler. Thanks to all of you, friends, customers and stitchers ... May this "adventure" last as long as possible ... Thanks for... [Lire la suite]
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14 mars 2013

My primitive grainsacks ...

I made them using an old grainsack bought on a French flea market. I stained them with CORINA's wonderful walnut ink. You can buy it in her fabulous ETSY Shop HERE ****** SOLD, thanks !!!     Have a great day !!!
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08 mars 2013

Shades of beige and creamy ...

for my strawberries, quilt, hearts, doilies !!! And you what are your favorite shades at the moment ??? ***** My Berries are AVAILABLE HERE     Have a great day my friends !
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03 mars 2013

Prim' Horses in Ohio ...

I really enjoyed creating this sweet little pattern ... ****** You can see more pics in my ETSY shop CLICL CLICK and also an other interpretaion of my pattern by my sweetest and precious friend Elena HERE Have a great day ! Happy stitching !
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01 mars 2013

Easter Twin Bunnies ...

Easter Twin Bunnies ... first of the bunch ***** This is a sneak peek of my new design Come and visit me HERE Thanks for stopping by ! *****
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28 février 2013

Hip hop Easter is on its way

Just a little peak Visit me HERE HERE if you want to see the whole pattern !!! Thanks for visting !!! Have a great day
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26 février 2013

Easter Bunnies Love Chocolate !!!

Isn't it cute ? Fill this bag with delicious chocolate ...  and offer it for Easter !!! ***** 3 bags are available HERE  Have a great day !!!
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25 février 2013

My very first strawberry pincushions ...

I really enjoyed sewing those adorable strawberries. I used ERRIN's gorgeous wool  Do not hesitate to visit her shop HERE ERRIN is a wonderful seller ! Great communication and kindness !!! THANKS a bunch ERRIN ! I'll be back soon !!! ***** SOLD, thanks ! Thanks for stopping by ... *****
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21 février 2013

To my dear friend Montine,

a special doll called Mary ... ***** Mary is now living a peaceful life in Montine's Bunny Hop Cottage (thanks Montine ! You gave me inspiration for this doll and her sweet "accessories")     ***** (Pattern adapted from a Chesnut Junction pattern / the pillow was adapted from a chart by Leisure Arts Design -I changed the name and the bottom of the original chart - and the dressed clothespin is an idea from Pamela) 
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16 février 2013

PriM' BoXeS ...addiction

I am in LoVe with those sweet little boxes and painting them makes me feel ... happy !!! lol     ***** See all my e-patterns on my ETSY Shop and VISIT my sweet friend ELENA who has just released a WONDERFUL and GORGEOUS interpretation of my pattern "Primitive Gatherings" HERE (thanksssssssssssss a bunch my sweet Elena !)
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