03 avril 2013


To celebrate Spring, I have designed this little pattern it is available in my ETSY SHOP *****  The completed pillow is SOLD, thanks. Thanks Elena for the lovely rose, postcard and pinkeep !!!   They perfectly match with this humble pillow !!! ****** HAVE FUN STITCHING !!!
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30 mars 2013

Easter Bunny Tags ...

 in a heart-shaped prim box Thanks my dear ELENA for this sweet Easter Gift ... (There were delicious chocolate eggs in the box  ... but the little bunnies ate them !!!lol !!!! (OK !!! I ATE THEM ALL !!!lol !!!) Happy Easter to you my friends and do not eat too much chocolate !!! Leave some for the bunnies !!!lol
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28 mars 2013

My new Laura Ingalls Pattern

Here is a sneek peek ... If you want to see the whole pattern ... come and visit me  HERE  Happy Stitching my friends !!!
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22 mars 2013

Grace Pearl Sampler ...

Hi folks, do you remember ... one year ago, I started my new "career" as a designer under the name THE BLUE ATTIC and the theme I had decided to develop was (and STILL IS !!!)  Laura INGALLS ... Since then, I have designed more than 30 patterns and some of them are dedicated to the INGALLS family. To celebrate THE BLUE ATTIC first birthday, I have created this sweet and simple sampler. Thanks to all of you, friends, customers and stitchers ... May this "adventure" last as long as possible ... Thanks for... [Lire la suite]
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14 mars 2013

My primitive grainsacks ...

I made them using an old grainsack bought on a French flea market. I stained them with CORINA's wonderful walnut ink. You can buy it in her fabulous ETSY Shop HERE ****** SOLD, thanks !!!     Have a great day !!!
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08 mars 2013

Shades of beige and creamy ...

for my strawberries, quilt, hearts, doilies !!! And you what are your favorite shades at the moment ??? ***** My Berries are AVAILABLE HERE     Have a great day my friends !
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03 mars 2013

Prim' Horses in Ohio ...

I really enjoyed creating this sweet little pattern ... ****** You can see more pics in my ETSY shop CLICL CLICK and also an other interpretaion of my pattern by my sweetest and precious friend Elena HERE Have a great day ! Happy stitching !
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01 mars 2013

Easter Twin Bunnies ...

Easter Twin Bunnies ... first of the bunch ***** This is a sneak peek of my new design Come and visit me HERE Thanks for stopping by ! *****
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28 février 2013

Hip hop Easter is on its way

Just a little peak Visit me HERE HERE if you want to see the whole pattern !!! Thanks for visting !!! Have a great day
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26 février 2013

Easter Bunnies Love Chocolate !!!

Isn't it cute ? Fill this bag with delicious chocolate ...  and offer it for Easter !!! ***** 3 bags are available HERE  Have a great day !!!
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