13 décembre 2012

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat !

(Pattern by Stacy Nash)

Sorry, I am SOLD


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09 décembre 2012

JuSt To SaY ... ThAnK YoU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

°°°°° ThOuSaNdS OF ThAnKs °°°°°

I have been awfully spoiled by my Italian friend Elena ...


 How beautiful every piece is and wrapped in love.

Your gifts are so amazing, I thank you so much for each one. 

Elena, I am so delightful to display those gorgeous prim' presents in my sweet home !!!

I am deeply touched and no need to say that these fabulous fabrics have instantly inspired me ...


Needless to say that these fabrics will be lovingly sewn ... since ideas have sprung as soon as I saw them

and they will live a new life in a few weeks ... in  The Blue Attic



On the left, a gorgeouuuuuuuuuuuus prim' box ... blue paint and sweet design !

On the right, vintage buttons as well as a lovely tiny pouch with a prim tag 

P1040845  P1040853

A prim pinkeep made of gingham wool, a branch of fir tree and a Christmas tag ...

P1040848  P1040855

Thanks again my dearest friend and take care !!!


Have a great day folks !!!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting !

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08 décembre 2012

SnOw, sLeiGh and SaNtA ... Tis the Season !!!

Santa and his reindeer in a sleigh ...

This pattern was designed by Pineberry Lane

Sorry, I am SOLD !



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01 décembre 2012

Christmas Pear Tree and Partridges Pillow

This sweet little Pillow is just perfect for Christmas.

I stitched it on 32ct raw linen / Pattern by Stacy Nash 

It measures 17,5cm X 18,5 cm

Sorry, I am SOLD


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18 novembre 2012

Crystal Pendant Lavender Pillow ...

Pattern designed by me...

This sweet pillow is filled with dried lavender

You can buy this item  just here


P1010847 P1010850

P1010851 P1010852


See all my e-patterns on my ETSY Shop


VISIT my new blog to see my latest pattern !!!


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07 novembre 2012

Winter 1839 ...

Design by Jenny Hoffman

Sorry I am sold


Thanks for stopping by ... I hope that life is treating you well.

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31 octobre 2012

BOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Both ornaments were stitched  on a 32 count raw linen.

The pinkeep measures approximately (12 cm) 4-3/4 inches high X (12 cm) 4-3/4 inches long. 

The stocking measures approximately (20cm) 7-7/8 high

Patterns by Blackbird Designs

The "BOO" pinkeep is SOLD

but the STOCKING is available

 P1020912 P1020921

P1020911 P1020916

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Thank you for visiting and come back often!!


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15 octobre 2012

Cast your spells ...

This sweet little Pillow is just perfect for Halloween.(Pattern by Stacy Nash)

I stitched it on 32ct raw linen 

It measures L 15cm x h 19cm 

Sorry, I'm SOLD


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****** Thanks for visiting folks ! Have a great day !!! ******

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01 octobre 2012

Cherished Memories

This new pattern 

 is dedicated to my beloved parents ...

A lovely pouch to store all our cherished treasures and memories


For more pics click on the link below



and you can purchase it


Enjoy and have fun stitching !!!


Thanks for visiting !

Have a great day ...

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01 septembre 2012

Ready for a new school year ...

I must confess I was bad at Maths but I was good at counting 

because my father taught me mental arithmetics !!!

Here is a sweet pattern by FALLING STAR PRIMITIVES

(I love their patterns)


SOLD, thanks


Have a great WE ! Thanks for stopping by

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